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Welcome to Lamb & Lion INK!

We just launched our new interactive website! We still have to learn a lot about online design studio fitures and online orders processing. Please forgive us for any troubles you might experience with placing your orders! Give us a call @ 206-453-4746, and we will take care of you!


In Lamb & Lion we focus on fulfilling your orders and providing the best quality within deadlines. We'll be happy to answer your questions about digital printing on fabric and provide more information about t-shirts, aprons, totes and other cotton goodness for sale. Give us a call or throw an email request, we will respond promptly.

We've got tons of fashionably cut and tastefully designed clothing to match your daily needs and activities: sport, work, casual and business, for all ages and lifestyles.

You can customize and personalize any garment with your logo, message or image. Digital printing Direct To Garment (DTG) works best with 100% natural fabrics (cotton, linen, bamboo) or light poly blends, and allows to print just one piece of clothing. No more set up fees! We can print just one t-shirt, or twenty, or a thousand - digital printing is speedy, flexible, and smooth to the touch. No more gummy feel or paint cracks and crumbling! Eco-friendly ink gets embedded into fabric and lasts much longer than traditional screen printing. And guess what else? No more color limitation! It's just like printing on a quality inkjet printer!

Here is the great thing about clothes with custom designs or messages: it is made to impress and be remembered. Use custom shirts, aprons, totes or whatever else for your business or personal purposes, like gifts and life events memorabilia.



Have a great day,

Lamb & Lion